Benefits of Using Our Solution

Bind Network is fastening the full Crypto Eco System To Provide One Stop Solution For Managing And Trading Crypto With Best Userfriendly Experience

Bind Network is committed towards providing highly secure system. Decentralization and Cryptographic Security is the key to our solutions.


Bind Network will achieve the transparency by providing information, starting from token generation event to product development updates, we are transparent to our esteemed users across the globe


Bind Network team is dedicated and always available (24/7) to serve the esteemed family members of the network. We treat the user as core family members to support them as per their convenience. Agile working culture is the key here.


Bind Network provides most user friendly crypto eco system across the world. Hiding the complexity of Blockchain technology with one click solution is the prime of the system. Dedicated support staff are our strength and motivation.


Token Type: ERC20 standard
Token Name: Bind Network
Token Symbol: BND
Token Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 149 million


Maximum Supply: 149 million
Pre-ICO & ICO Sale: 89.4 million
Promotion & Bounty: 7.45 million
Team & Adviser: 22.35 million
Operations: 10.43 million
Partners fund: 7.45 billion
Reserverd: 11.92 million


System Development: 60%             
Market Stability: 10%                    
Adv. & Marketing: 20%                  
Future reserve: 10%                    


Bind Product Funds              
BINMAPP: 40% of S.D.             
BinDEX: 60% of S.D.                   
S.D. :: System Development            

features of bind network

Product Details

Bind Network is introducing crypto management and trading eco system

product images

Mobile Based Crypto Wallet

BINMAPP is the lightest mobile Application to enable smoothest crypto wallet experience for the user.

Use BINMAPP to transfer and receive cryptocurrency in a single click, any where any time.

BINMAPP aims to list maximum crypto coins and tokens to provide one stop solution.

product images

Highly Secure Lightining Fast Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange

BinDEX is the gateway to exchange Bind Tokens with all other popular tokens apart from ethereum and Bitcoin.

BinDEX is aiming to list maximum coins and tokens to provide one stop gateway for all your crypto asset.

BinDEX is a true DAPP, it is trusless and decentralized, providing best privacy across the globe.


Bind Network Has A Clear Thought Process To Achieve The Goal Within The Deadline


About Us

We are dedicated, purely tech savvy team, always experimenting with newest and hot technologies. Blockchain with cryptocurrency flavor is the revolutionary innovation of 21st century. We are committed to serve crypto revolution to the world to bring transparent and secure crypto eco system across the globe.

  • 2 Major Innovation Will Drive Crypto Eco System
  • BinMAPP is the first step to provide fastest transactional experience by incorporating high optimized algorithm using best data structure.
  • BinDEX is the most secure and lightning fast decentralized cryptocurrency exchange operating on optimized algorithm to provide smoothest experience with maximum coin support across the world.

Team Players

We have united libertarian minded blockchain professionals, marketing experts and community experts in our bind network family to jumpstart a next generation crypto ecosystem

Ibrahim is an entrepreneur by heart and love to play with cryptocurrency. Being an engineer and an international MBA aspirant; he has proven ability to improve efficiency by finding solutions to complex customer problems all too tight work scenario.

Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Founder & Mgmt. Head

Joachim is a crypto enthusiast, blockchain architect and mining expert, he is actually working on several ICO projects where he brings his expertise, especially on blockchain protocols and building of mining facilities. Joachim is also blockchain consultant and cryptocurrency trader since 2016.

Joachim Lebrun Project  Adviser

Kyle is experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the technology industry. Skilled in Customer Service Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Technology Transformation, and IT Service Management. Strong experience working within Global Technology environments.

Kyle Headley Project  Adviser

Journalist and publicist, Edilson Navas is a blockchain technology enthusiast.At present he as been studying the possibility of applying renewable energy, such as methane,to feed mining farms.He is a founding member of GBPA (Global Blockchain Pioneers Association)

Edilson Navas Project  Adviser

Zahid Imran (ICO Bench Adviser) has 15 years of experience in finance and banking sector. He is an early crypto investor and has substantial influence among crypto-currency investors.

Zahid Imran Project  Adviser

Jatin is ICO Bench Adviser and worked as a Community Manager with various successful ICO good knowledge about Bounty Management and crypto trading, having a professional knowledge about Listing of ICOs as well as Coins for Exchanges.

Kapadia. Jatin Project  Adviser

Tapendra is Blockchain Evangelist and Expert. He has been associated with Cryptocurrency world for several years. He is motivated towrads to bring next generation crypto ecosystem. Bind Network is the first step towrads that goal.

Shee. Tapen CEO & Blockchain Expert
team member

Junaid is young, energatic and fantastic UI designer. He has exceptional talent to produce amazing user view experince. Being a Computer science graduate , he posses excellent sense of design and coding knowledge.

Rah. Junaid Full Stack Developer
team member

Emmanuel has good experince in startegic planning and project management. He is in the crypto field for long time.

Emmanuel.  Taiwo Strategic  Planner
team member

Ani has more than 7 years of experince in Company law, Taxation and Civil. He is a crypto enthusiast and love to explore various aspects of crypto world. He is energatic and continuosly supporting legality of cryptocurrency.

Bisw. Ani Legal  Manager
team member

Koushik has more than 3 years of rich experinece in Mobile Application Development. He is also an excellent integrator with Blockchain API system and Mobile based hybrid system. He is leading the BinMAPP project.

Sarkar.  Koushik Mobile APP Expert
team member

Oluseyi has good experince is managing crypto community. Starting from customer relation to project sales, he is an awesome player with high potential.

Oluseyi.  Akintunde Asst. Communitry Mgr.

Support Crypto Revolution

Participate In Token Sale by Following Below Mentioned Procedure
Current Phase: Pre Sale
Current Price: 20000 BND = 1 ETH

                              Participate in the token sale by sending ether to the Bind Network Contract Address


a. Make sure you send the ether to this contract address only, NO OTHER address is officially approved
b. Send ETH (Ethereum) from personal ethereum wallet, not any exchange address
c. Sender will get equivalent amount of tokens immediately in their wallet
d. Please fill up the form after purchase:   Purchase Form

Want to purchase BND with other crypto or fiat?
mail us: '' for further assistance

Token Distribution

Pre ICO & ICO Sale: 60%
Team & Partners: 20%
Promotions & Operations: 12%
Reserve for future: 8%

Fund Distribution

System Development: 60%
Market Stability: 10%
Product Marketing: 20%
Reserve: 10%
System Development Contributes Product Funding
BinMAPP: 40%
BinDEX: 60%

Features of BinDEX

Secure, Fair and Fast Crytocurrency Trading Exchange with highly optimized algorithm to provide smooth experince


BinDEX is a simple and innovative decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and functions as a safe and efficient trading platform for various cryptocurrencies. Our aim with BinDEX is to implement the latest advancements.

Blockchain technology and latest secure software tools are prime. Offering a superior user experience backed by an additional layer of security, thus making transactions easier and faster. BinDEX is ideal and reliable for both beginners and advanced users to help them to optimize their investment and trading strategies.


Quick search and efficient exchange trading platform is achievable via optimized algorithm of programming languages. Many well known problems can be solved via using optimized procedure and correct design pattern.

BinDEX will run on optimized dynamic programming pattern to improve the time complexity of trading, order book, transaction speed and search mechanism. Optimized space and time complexity with secure design pattern is the pioneer to this solution strategy. Improving transaction latency time is the motto of BinDEX.

- 'Disruptive & Super Techie'

BinDEX - Most secure simple to use decentralized exchange


BinDEX is unique and innovative to provide excellent trading pair between popular tokens and coins. Apart from very common Token-ETH and Token-BTC pair, we will provide trading pair between Token-Token for popular tokens.

BND will be first token via which you can trade with other popular token pair apart from BTC and ETH. Unique Token-Token pair will disrupt the conventional concept of exchanging tokens with BTC and ETH. BinDEX is committed to provide best token trading by providing Token to Token exchange facility.


BinDEX would have an intuitive UI aimed at offering beginner friendly features for searching and trading. Advanced trading tools like candlestick charts for various time periods, crosshairs would also be simple and uncluttered.

Features such as Stop Price, Limit Price, Amount Order will further contribute to profit trading for users. A super simple user trading guide will make trading easy even for the beginner or newbie of crypto eco system. User friendly guide for new release will help user to trade in a secure way.

Features of BinMAPP

Lightest Mobile application to hold all your crypto asset in a single place


BinMAPP is a simple and innovative decentralized cryptocurrency wallet to hold all your crypto asset in a single place. BinMAPP will support maximum tokens and coins to provide one stop solution.


Being a mobile based crypto wallet, BinMAPP will support smooth transactional experience to send and receive crypto assets anywhere, anytime. Mobile based agility is the key factor for BinMAPP.

- ‘Simply Secure’

BinMAPP is most secure decentralized multi crypto mobile wallet


BinMAPP is a fully decentralized mobile based multi crypto wallet. BinMAPP will not store any private key or other security information in the backend. Private key will be encrypted via password.


BinMAPP will operate on highly optimized code to provide lighting fast transactional experience on minimal to 0 latency time. Optimized coding technique is the main key to all products of Bind Network.

Bind Revenue Model

The Income Structure Is Based On The Different Parts Of The Platform We Offer

BinMAPP Revenue

Initially BinMAPP will be a free application to be downloadable from play store (Android) and APP store (ios). Once it gains considerable popularity.
BinMAPP will fetch revenue from downloaded price and other admob kind of facility, Apart from that Bind Token Asset in conjunction to Bind Protocols will be prime factor.

BinDEX Revenue

Popular tokens on Bind crypto ecosystem will implement token pair trading. It will increase the demand of Bind Tokens along with the BinDEX usage rate.
Token listing and Transactional fee will increase the earning of the system, Bind Token holders will be benefited with increase demand, eventually full token economy.

Revenue Model
- ‘Earning & Sharing’

Bind Technical Aspect

Optimization & Security With 3rd Generation Scalability Constitutes World Class Crypto Ecosystem

Optimization Prime

Bind Network introduces optimized dynamic programming pattern to improve the time complexity of trading, order book, transaction speed and search mechanism.
Optimized space and time complexity with secure design pattern is the pioneer to this solution strategy.

Security and Scalability

Bind Network utilizes Servers across multiple regions with active geo replication for low latency, geo targeted load balancing and 24x7 server monitoring.
Provides DDOS resilience and fast failover in case of server outage failover time greater than 180 seconds.

Multi Level Technical Binding